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Tips For Buying a Single Cup Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are in all shapes and sizes. There are serious coffee drinkers and those who like to indulge once or twice a day. For the latter, the single cup coffee maker is ideal as the need to brew a whole pot is eliminated. But is one single cup coffee maker better than another? You can avoid costly mistakes by doing proper research, and asking for expert advice.

Single Serve Coffee Maker Features

Prepackaged pods

Depending on price, the features you receive with a machine can be important in determining which coffee maker best suits your needs. Some machines come with pre-packaged pods which can be an advantage given they are designed for use with a particular maker but be sure to check whether those pods are readily available when you are ready to purchase more.

They are flexible

A disadvantage with pre-packaged pods could be their lack of variety so. Ideally, a machine that offers the flexibility of using a different range of pods might be a better choice than one which is limited to using custom pods.

They are Efficiency

coffee machine Efficiency is another determining factor in choosing the most suitable maker for your needs. The time it takes to brew a cup of coffee is one thing, but a machine that is capable of evenly extracting coffee through the pod is very much a preferred option particularly if you have discerning tastes. There is nothing worse than a brew which is either too strong or too weak.

Other features to look out for include an automatic shut off time ability and also a standby facility. For people who detest mess, then you’ll prefer a machine that comes with a tray to catch those unwanted spills.

Single Cup Coffee Maker Prices

There is quite a gap between the cheapest machine on the market and the most expensive. The cheaper models can cost as low as $20 while the “Rolls Royce” of makers will set you back more than four figures.

Obviously budget will determine how much you spend and brand choice will play a factor. In all honesty, there are some excellent bargains to be had with single cup coffee makers which fall under the banner of lesser known brand names. This is where you’ll need to be a little diligent. Machine reliability is another important aspect to consider when purchasing so make sure you are happy with the warranty time provided with your choice.