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Five Common Types Of Roofing Systems

Gone are the heydays when you had to waste the whole day searching for the ideal products for your roofing needs. Even if your roof is still new, it’s worth noting that there will come a time when you will need to consider replacing it. Thus, it’s necessary to know more about the different roofing materials present in the market. Otherwise, you will get confused because there are countless products on the market.

Each roofing product has its own merits and disadvantages, depending on your home and the climate. For that reason, it is vital that you make a sound decision based on the factors that are essential to a huge fraction of homeowners. This post will shed more light on preferred and familiar roofing systems.

Clay and concrete tile roofing

clay tile roofBefore considering concrete or tile roofing for your home, you should invite a professional to check whether it can support their weight. If it cannot, then they will come up with with a roof support framework that can support the weight of the clay or concrete tile roofing. Tile roofing is available in a broad range of designs and shades. However, they can cost you a leg and an arm. That aside, they are sturdy, durable and require no serious maintenance. And that is not all. They are fire resistant, power efficient, boast of excellent insulation properties just to mention a few.

Steel roofing

Steel roofing comes in a variety of materials that include light weight aluminum, copper, and others. They come either resembling ceramic tiles or bed linen. They will save you lots of notes since they are cheap and energy efficient. Moreover, they are easy and quick to install.

Asphalt shingles

They are very popular because they are made from a cocktail of materials like mineral granules, fiberglass, cellulose that are very pocket-friendly compared to others.

Compound roofing

Compound roofing is available in many different materials like fiber, cement, rubber, and plastic. They are designed to mimic the properties of other types of roofing systems. Additionally, they are lightweight compared to other roofing designs. They are less expensive compared to clay and concrete tiles and also require less cash for maintenance. Perhaps, the primary benefit of composite roofing systems is that they can be quickly setup over existing roofing and framework because its lighter compared to various roofing materials.


house roofA slate roof is much more durable and is the best option if you are hunting for long-term roof covering product currently in the market. However, it’s worth noting that your residence needs sufficient roof structure to withstand the full weight of the roofing system. Plus, it’s fireproof, recyclable and visually appealing. Their only issue is the cost. Honestly, a slate roofing can come at a hefty price.

So if you are planning a home improvement project or constructing a new home, you have the required awareness to make an informed decision when choosing your new roofing product. With the information highlighted in this post, the process of picking a new roofing system will be a stroll in the park.