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Finding A Reliable Medical Equipment Manufacturer And Supplier – A Guide


Modern healthcare facilities require a wide range of advanced medical products and equipment. To meet their needs and requirements, these facilities usually turn to reputable equipment manufacturers and suppliers, such as the Marshall Manufacturing Co, for all kinds of medical equipment. However, given the sheer range of available products and suppliers, there are some important factors that need to be taken into account when choosing a supplier.

These days, a medical laboratory, for example, cannot properly function without the necessary equipment. This equipment includes the devices laboratory technicians commonly use for the analysis of electrolytes, chemistry, immunology, microbiology, hematology, coagulation and so on. Additionally, there is also a comprehensive selection of various reagents, controls, and ancillary laboratory equipment. Given the importance of medical equipment and its frequency of use, it is crucial to find the best supplier.

If you are running a laboratory or health facility of your own, you are probably aware of the difficulties of finding a reliable supplier. If you are having problems securing a constant supply of modern medical equipment, you should probably try to rely on the following tips when looking to equip your facility with adequate equipment.

The customer service

medical techWhen checking out various equipment manufacturers, make sure to pay attention to their customer services. A highly reputable manufacturer will provide exceptional in-house services, which usually include the necessary repairs, visits for material services, as well as after sales support. With a proper customer service, you can be sure your equipment will remain in mint condition and that your facility will operate without any issues or sudden stops.

High-quality equipment

Of course, you need a supplier who can offer the equipment that is manufactured according to the highest quality standards. If you want your laboratory to provide highly accurate results and your healthcare facility to provide exceptional services, you will need quality equipment. Look for a manufacturer that delivers the products that have all the necessary features and that are built according to all the specifications. Also, pay attention to the warranties, both for the brand new and refurbished products.

Sustaining engineering

Next up, focus on the manufacturers that can provide comprehensive sustaining consulting and engineering for advanced medical equipment during the entire manufacturing process. Sustaining engineering consists of some various skills and is crucial for a continuous production and supply of quality products. When checking out sustaining engineering support, these are the areas you should pay attention to.

  • Support for feature upgrades, field repairs, and returns
  • Programs dedicated to the continuous improvement of equipment quality and costs.
  • After sales compliance support
  • Design support and management of obsolete parts.

Upfront discussion regarding the products’ costs and pricing models

MRI machineOf course, when it comes to choosing the right manufacturer and supplier, the costs will play a big role. The majority of reputable medical equipment manufacturers commonly use a formula-based pricing model, which is used to provide an estimate of the costs of tests, assembly, labor, raw materials, as well as the final costs of the finished products. When conducting preliminary talks with a manufacturer, don’t forget to inquire about the pricing models, and the methods a manufacturer uses to determine the costs of finished products. This way, you will not only properly establish your budget and determine your flexibility but also find out if there are any potentially hidden costs or other uncertainties.