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Essential Items for Every Puppy Owner

If you already have a puppy and you want to make it feel comfortable and cared for, you can check all the essentials you will need. However, choosing these items can be tough. But with this article, selecting some of these products will be easy. That said, let us look at some of the essential puppy products to have in your home.

Collar and leash

Your dog should have a collar and leash as puppy leash 23you take it home. A collar serves the purpose of holding the dog’s license and its identification code. More to this, the collar contains the name and the telephone number of the owner. Therefore, in case your dog gets lost, it improves your chances of getting it back.

On the other hand, the leash holds the collar in place. More to this, it helps you in training and restraining your puppy as you walk around. When purchasing a leash, ensure that it is strong and made from quality material.


This is another essential item for every puppy owner. A crate or containment helps you to confine your puppy in a particular area as you monitor and train it. The crate you choose should allow your puppy to stand, lie down, stretch and even turn around. Depending on your preference, you can select a crate made of fiberglass, stainless steel, or plastic material. However, when doing this, factor in safety and security measures.

Dog bed

Once you have trained your puppy in a crate or containment, you need to have a dog bed. A perfect dog bed should be small and covered with sheepskin. With this, the dog will be warm. More to this, you can have a memory- foam mattress and pillows. However, when choosing this, it is advisable to go for varieties that can be removed to facilitate cleanliness.

Food treats and bowls

puppy feeding 32Ensuring that your puppy takes well-formulated feeds is key. Buying feeds that meet all requirements should be a top priority. Thus, there is need to buy foods specially formulated for puppies. Apart from this, you should buy your puppy a bowl for feeding and drinking. When shopping for this, you can settle for plastics, ceramic dishware, and stainless steel bowls.

Grooming supplies

There is need to invest in grooming supplies. Some of the grooming supplies include combs, conditioning sprays, bristle brush, blow dryer, nail clippers, ear cleaning detergents, shampoos, and conditioners among many more.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Dog Bed

When shopping for a dog bed, it is always about getting value for money and making your dog comfortable. When purchasing a dog bed, you need to have a list of considerations. The main consequence of not having a checklist is ending up with a bed that does not serve its purpose – a wrong buy. That aside, here are some common mistakes to avoid when buying a dog bed.

Not buying a chew proof bed

There are different breeds of dogs. As such, if your dog is a teething or is a natural catchewer, you should purpose to invest in a chew proof dog bed. Notably, this is where most first time buyers fail the test. Two main consequences come with mistake. First, a chewing dog risks being chocked by the contents of the bed. The other implication is that you will be forced to invest in another bed, something you would have avoided by buying a chew-proof bed.

Looking at the price alone

When buying a cheap doggie bed, you will receive what you pay for. The consequence of having cheap bed is that it would not last considerably long. As such, you should consider going for a relatively expensive unit. With a quality bed, you can be assured it will hold up well.

Buying the wrong size

Most people underestimate or overestimate the size of the dog bed. As such, it is advisable to ensure that the bed chosen is of the right size. As such, you should buy a bed that allows your dog to turn and twist comfortably. Moreover, the age of your dog should influence the size bought considering that young dogs grow.

Not easy to clean

dogDogs become quite smelly with time. Considering that they spend a considerable amount of time relaxing on the bed, they are bound to transfer this smell to their bed. As such, the last thing you should go is a bed that is difficult clean or not washable at all. Get a dog bed that is easy to clean as much as it would not be washable on a washing machine.

Buying a bed that does not suit your dog

In as much are buying a quality model, do not fall for a brand that does not suit your dog. For instance, if your dog is cold natured, you might some blankets. Ideally, when looking for a do bed, you should spend your money on something that suits them most.


Reasons For Owning A Pet

A pet or sometimes an animal companion as they are referred to, are different from other animals or livestock kept. They are not only used for security but are mostly for giving companionship to people. Different people own various types of pets, but domestic animals happen to be the favorite among individuals and families. Ranging from Fish, Parrots and Gerbils, the most popular and common are cats and Dogs.

Why own a pet?


woman and dogAs stated earlier, the number one reason people get pets is for Companionship. Animals provide a unique outlook on life and in some instances become so lovable that they are considered family. Research has shown that a pet can assist people such as the elderly with a form of emotional therapy.


In other cases, a pet can also have a function in the household. A dog, for example, is an increasingly great security alternative apart from being man’s best friend. Cats as well are known to hunt for rodents and other critters; this tends to keep the home rodent free.


Although not a direct link, pets can help in aiding people to get more exercise. An activity such as walking a dog is known to bring health benefits to both the person and the animal.

Teaching care and responsibility

A pet largely depends on a person for survival. This has been known to be a useful method of teaching children to care and be responsible for a living thing. Also, other people get a pet to test their relationship in preparation for a child although it is not a replacement for the real thing.

Caring for pets

One of an essential elements in caring for a pet is to have a regular feeding schedule. The pet largely depends on the owner to be fed and taken care of.

Medical checks and vaccinations

With so many different bugs and germs, making sure your pet is healthy by having checkups is crucial. A healthy pet is a happy pet.

How to choose a pet

parrotThe choosing of a pet is quite an individual experience and is based upon preference. Others prefer animals based on how little space they require, thus acquire fish or gerbils. While another person would prefer a pet that can do something unique such as a talking Parrot. A great alternative to buying a pet is to adopt one from a rescue shelter. Not only will you be adding to the family but will also be doing something considered a good deed. All in all, people normally get a pet based on its attractiveness or use but regardless of the reason. A pet is a great idea and addition to any home.